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Why is everyone talking about our Chemion LED Shades?


We have seen a great amount of success when our Chemion LED Shades hit the market.  More and more people are starting to level up their eye-wear and light up their nights.  Here are some features and specs these glasses offer.  Don't forget to use the coupon code CHEMION to receive 15% off your purchase - http://www.electricnights.net/chemion-led-shades.

Basic Functions

  • Turn on by pressing button for 3 seconds
  • Click button to toggle through 5 designs saved on shades
  • Turn off by pressing button for 3 seconds


  • Mobile application available on Android and iOS
  • Connects via Bluetooth
  • Control and customize your shades
  • Save and cycle through over 200 designs and animations
  • 4 Sound Reactive Equalizer options. Equalizer Mode utilizes your smart phone’s microphone and transmits onto the shades.
  • Shades Creator allows you to design and animate
  • Explore and download designs as well as animations from others


  • Wireless - Bluetooth4.0 (BLE)
  • Power - Takes (2) AAA Batteries (not included)
  • LED - 210 Units | LED Brightness Level 3
  • Firmware Update - App update via wireless connection


  • OS - Android 4.4+ & iOS 7
  • Lighting Controls - Text, Drawing, Animation & Equalizer

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Light the way with light up LED Pasties!

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In need of better quality diffraction glasses?

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PAUSE II Sound Reactive Mask is Here to Light It Up!

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G1 LED Goggles available at ​ElectricNights.net

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Throw Your Hands Up With Panthera Dj Gloves!

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ElectricNights.net is proud to offer J. Valentine Clothing

Founded in 1994 and driven by their customer service business model, J. Valentine has been producing unique, sexy, fun and high quality clothing over the years.  Their work has appeared in numerous television shows, movies and worn by several celebrities.  They continue to set trends and raise the bar for all of us to enjoy!

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Let Yourself Glow With Lunar Armbands!

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